Smart thinking will enhance your SEO

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We all know that search engine optimisation is an ever changing, complex discipline, which returns excellent opportunities to those that are diligent and dedicated.

Of course SEO is a challenge to perform at a high-level. When one works hard to gain the best results then it can be tempting to cut corners in order to beat deadlines.

While ‘cutting corners’ may be effective for your diary, ultimately, it can create more work for you by having to unpick the issues it has created. By being thorough and of course unique, then you can anticipate future obstacles that will create headaches for you and avoid these all together.

With this in mind, are there ways of working smarter in the background in order to deliver a streamlined and effective return for the investment both you and your clients have made?

Map the important things.
When you work with large teams for multinational brands then it is all too easy to start a campaign without having all the elements in place. This is also the case for smaller companies where some say the SEO may well be more important.

No matter what size of campaign you control, it will always be a good idea to ensure all items are in place and that all people involved know the impact of late delivery. For example, content sign off can take days or even weeks to obtain so everyone involved must know the importance and the consequences of this potential delay.

It will always be beneficial to spend the time creating a road map that can be shared with all involved. This works both for an agency as well as for the client themselves and acts as a point of reference for the lifetime of the service.

Over time this road map can become a resource to understand not only when items are required, but also why it is important to receive this item. It is always advantageous to ensure your client understands this and so this road map can in time become a teaching methodology as well as a resource for information.

Be realistic with your timings
Of course every client wants time to be of the essence with regard to delivery. Well so does every SEO, however it is not always that easy is it? In marketing terms we have all been guilty of telling the client what they want to hear, but does this do either of you any good?

Trying to operate within strict time guidelines will only lead to rushing and poor quality work. What is then worse is the broken client expectations that can never be fully repaired.

Of course we must deliver our work within a strict time line and by ensuring the client is fully aware of the expectations and ultimately how long it will take to deliver these, then we will always work together.

Don’t think everyone understands on the same level!
If you have been within your industry for a number of years and the terms and understanding are all simple in your mind. Do not think that everyone is at the same level!

It is all too easy to ramble on about a subject that you are perfectly comfortable with whilst your audience has no idea what you are talking about! I recently had a well versed client suggest that I should treat them like idiots as they do not understand what I am talking about…

They certainly are not idiots, in fact I was wrong for not ensuring they understood correctly – so I guess I was the idiot! This can happen to the best of us, never forget that your clients must understand in order to assess your services success. This will inevitably form part of their decision on whether to re-contract you at the end of your contract term. It usually occurs when people have been within their industry for long periods of time. We leave out crucial details as we consider them unworthy of our time and that ‘everyone should know’. These details may be crucial for the successful execution of your project so we must ensure our clients are on board with what we need to deliver.

As a foot note to this, always consider that your communication may also seem condescending so remember that being too simplistic can be as bad as over complicating!

This communication is a delicate balancing act. You must make sure that everyone is mindful of what they are presenting, so that proper execution of any project can proceed. Over importance can lead to a little too much ambiguity and ambiguity can lead to the failure of a project to reach its full potential.

Continue to Learn!
No matter how confident you are, we all find it hard to attend conferences and to speak to people we do not know. Ensuring you keep ahead of industry trends means that you will keep your SEO knowledge at the level it needs to be in order to deliver a quality of service your clients require and expect.

Talking to industry experts will enhance your thinking – always be teaching we say. Well why not extend this to ourselves! At the end of the day, taking your SEO work to the next level will only underpin your delivery.

Social media makes it easier to stay updated these days. Regularly read articles that extend your knowledge. Keep learning about new tools and attend both online and physical conferences and webinars.

By increasing your knowledge then you become more confident which makes it all the more easy to attend these events and discuss items with your peers but, more importantly, it enables you to keep your clients updated through your communication at the level they expect!

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