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Pandas & Penguins

SEO has changed dramatically over the last 18 months!

SEO has changed dramatically over the last 18 months!

Search engines are constantly evolving, developing their algorithms to provide the most relevant and profitable results possible. The last decade has seen nothing short of seismic changes in SEO, in the form of 2 ongoing major Google updates.

Google’s Panda Update

Named after “Navneet Panda” (a Google engineer) and originally nicknamed the ‘Farmer Update’ due to the impact it had on Content Farms, Panda targets platforms identified as low quality.

This algorithm aimed to identify trustworthiness, authority, design and integrity of a website, and especially target those with content that is thin or of a low quality. Since its original release in February 2011, Google Panda has undergone regular updates to the algorithm to further refine and improve the effects it has on quality control within SERPs.

Google's Panda Update

Google's Penguin Update

Google’s Penguin Update

The Google Penguin update aims to tackle websites implementing techniques that are in violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Some of the main tactics targeted by this update have been, keyword stuffing, cloaking and engaging in low quality link schemes.

Both updates targeted techniques that were commonly used as optimisation strategy by many agencies and webmasters. This is a perfect example of how search engines can drop game changing updates, which highlights the importance of agility and longevity being at the core of any SEO campaign.

Quality Not Quantity

All these updates have had one thing in common, they represent a definitive push towards relevant and authoritative web presence. The days of short cuts are over! Many of the supposed ‘grey areas’ that SEO specialists would utilise in campaigns are now detrimental to websites’ search engine visibility.

Back to the drawing board

It has been back to the drawing board for many agencies and webmasters. We at Pure Digital have agility at the core of our processes and structure, as with previous Google updates we have experienced over 20 years in the industry, we have been able to guide our clients through many turbulent times.

Not just search engine updates!

Online behaviour is developing so rapidly that even search engines are struggling to keep up. With the massive uptake of social, the increasing prominence of personalised search, the rise in localisation, and the push for authorship, page 1 of many search queries is now unrecognisable to 18 months ago.
Pure Digital run regular research and development to aggregate analytics and visibility data in order to monitor trends, and remain proactive wherever possible.

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