Our Approach

We practice agile SEO. We develop custom designed, iterative strategies which are reviewed regularly, ensuring our campaigns are built with mobility at their core. This allows us to change our aim when search engines move the goal posts and respond to developing market trends. This is agile SEO.
We steer well clear of a landfill SEO strategy. Landfill SEO often comes with big promises and little transparency. Landfill SEO is practiced by a big ‘one size fits all’ strategy and filling it full of high volume poor quality content and links. These are exactly the type of strategies that have been targeted by Google in many updates over the years.

The Pure Digital SEO Strategies Are Unique!


Our campaigns are built around you. We build a picture based on your business and your goals. We devise a custom strategy targeting your particular needs and complimenting your existing activities and initiatives.


Pure Digital Internet use this understanding of your business to direct our analysis. We perform in depth keyword research, competitor analysis, and on site analysis. From this data we devise our strategy, then we benchmark all your metrics so we can report effectively on our progress.


Once we have our data driven strategy, we begin implementing it. We optimise your online platform through a series of technical recommendations and rechecks, simultaneously we initiate an offline campaign focussed on increasing your websites exposure, authority and visibility.


Once the strategy has been initiated we review it regularly. This agile approach to SEO ensures we can respond rapidly to changes from search engines and market trends alike. Pure Digital Internet do this from a solid base of understanding and analysis, using development, reporting and analytical tools to evolve the campaign.

All Our Campaigns


Every business is individual, ours certainly is! One size does not fit all. Every company has a unique structure, teams of individuals, and distinctive goals. This needs to be reflected in your SEO campaign, that is why we take an agile approach, not a landfill approach.


We prioritise our implementation to achieve the most rapid return possible. We structure campaigns around your capabilities and resources. This enables us to work with businesses of all sizes from household brands to one man bands.


Our campaigns utilise your existing channels and activities. We seek to make the most of what you already have by aligning channels and ensuring everything you do, even offline initiatives, are pointing back to your website to impact on your search engine visibility.


We cannot do this on our own! We strive to be transparent about what we do, because the best results are achieved from partnerships. We practice knowledge share and regularly publish insight and research which is made readily available to the Pure Digital Internet community.

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