Call tracking

Do you really know the full value of your paid advertising?

Tracking goals and conversions through AdWords and Analytics enables you to put a value on what you are doing and measure the results of everything you do, but for some businesses this is only a small part of the bigger picture. Many businesses rely on lead generation, a process sometimes reliant on telephone calls. Often these calls are measured but those measurements are not applied to online marketing. Pure Digital can help you put call tracking in place so that you can measure the effect Paid Advertising and other traffic sources have on your business.

Cracking the phone tracking code

Putting this in place is as simple as implementing a piece of code and setting up a goal in Google Analytics, in the same way you would for any other enquiry or lead that is generated via the website. The technology behind the system has progressed in the last few years to the point where it is now very simple to set up but the information it generates is very sophisticated.

Is it really for me?

If your business relies on people calling you then you should be tracking those calls, you should also be able to see where those calls were generated. If you’re not then you’re missing out on valuable information that could help you make better use of your advertising budgets and grow your business.

Is it expensive?

For a small monthly fee you will be able to see exactly where your calls where generated, right down to being able to identify which keywords in your AdWords accounts are generating the most calls. You’ll also have metrics related to missed or unanswered calls, time and date of call, call duration and you’ll even be able to hear a recording of every call answered should you wish to. The cost is often no more than what you would pay for a call or conversion in your Paid Search activity right now, and if the information you get back helps you increase the number of calls then it not only pays for itself in no time at all, but it generates real, measurable revenue for you.
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