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Will people remember you after they've visited your site?

What is Remarketing?

There are plenty of reports, including ones you can find in your own Google Analytics account, that will show you how many visitors to your site a) leave and never come back and b) fail to convert on their first visit. The numbers can be alarmingly high. But you can fight back!

Remarketing allows you to put your ads in front of people who have already visited your site and give them further reason to re-visit and convert. It’s like seeing who’s visited your high street shop and then putting billboards and incentives in front of them wherever they go afterwards.

What's involved?

A simple piece of code on your site then starts to generate a list of people you can remarket to. If you get good visitor numbers each month then this list can run into thousands. That’s thousands of people interested in you and your business. What you choose to show these people is up to you. It can be your latest offer or promotion, and you can use text, display and video to get that message across.

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Do you know how much of your website traffic is generated by mobile?

Mobile has been the buzz word in Paid Search circles for some time now and there’s a reason for that. Mobile traffic is the fastest growing area in Paid Search. As the uptake of smart phones and tablets continues to accelerate, mobile will become even more important as time moves on. A quick look at your Google Analytics reports will tell you how much of your traffic is coming from mobile sources. At Pure Digital we’ve seen some of our clients mobile traffic grow from 5% to 50% in less than 24 months.

Do you know your audience well enough?

Knowing your audience a few years ago meant understanding who bought your product and what they were likely to search for. The advent of Mobile has added another level to that information and it’s now important to know what devices your audience use to browse the Internet.

Building search campaigns for mobile users

Mobile search campaigns should take into account what a mobile user will respond to. There are ways to deliver mobile advertising that are designed to generate a direct response through telephone calls, advertising that generates leads via a contact form or advertising that directs to a specific page on your site that is designed with mobile devices in mind. There’s also the ability to advertise in Apps, something that isn’t reliant on a mobile optimised site.

But I don’t have a mobile website.

It’s not necessary to have a mobile optimised site to tap into the mobile audience, but obviously it helps. Whatever areas of mobile advertising you’re interested in Pure Digital can help and assist. From a complete mobile website build to a Paid Search strategy built around your needs.
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