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There are no shortcuts to success in PPC...

Nobody can predict the future but by analysing trends, understanding markets and verticals and having the knowledge and expertise to apply this information to online marketing we can be sure that we’ve done everything we can to start any new PPC campaign with the best possible chance of success. Within our team of PPC account managers we have specialists in areas including Travel, Automotive and Finance. We’ll make sure that the most appropriate account manager is assigned to your account.

Step 1. Understanding your business – keyword research

We’ll make sure we understand your business inside and out before we start to build an account or campaign. We’ll learn about your business, your services or products and, most importantly, your business goals. This research information will inform the keyword research that is then carried out. Keyword research is the foundation on which any account is structured and as such needs to be rock solid.

Step 2. Test everything

Once an account is built it’s important to keep testing as many elements as possible. This includes running a variety of different keywords, serving ads with various messages, even what time of the day your ads are shown. This level of testing is crucial in staying ahead of your competitors.

Step 3. Analyse the data

It’s important that AdWords campaigns are updated often for two reasons; to ensure relevance in the market place and to ensure that what you are doing is the best approach at any given moment in time. All decisions should be backed up by solid evidence. One of the many things that we feel gives extra value to our clients is the fact that, not only are our PPC Account Managers fully AdWords qualified but they are also Google Analytics trained and qualified. This extra level of expertise enables us to look at the data under a microscope and reveal valuable information on a completely new level.

Step 4. Improving the performance

It’s all very well being able to analyse the data but unless that data is then fed back into the account, with the aim of improving performance, it’s worthless. There may be keywords that are more profitable, placements that generate better leads or regions where demand for your services are greater. This information needs to be applied to an optimisation process to minimise waste and improve conversions. Our PPC Account Managers will carry out this process on a regular basis and ensure that your account is flexing its muscles and getting the best possible return on your investment.

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