2017, a monumental year

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2017 is turning into a monumental year. First, the government have triggered article 50 and so we are definitely leaving the European Union, then Theresa May has started election madness by saying the country will be going back to the polls on May 8th for a general election. Finally we have seen the Tories gain a large advantage in the countries local elections.

The UK has not seen employment at current numbers for years, as at April 2017 only 4.7% of the population have been out of work for two weeks or more, and the general feel good factor seems to be riding high – for the moment.

This is all encouraging and probably the main reason the government have therefore decided to go to the people (although they are saying that it is entirely down to pulling everyone together behind Brexit).

Online business is at an all-time high, the internet has become an easily accessible marketplace that everyone, no matter what age or gender, is utilising. Whether you want to purchase a fashion accessory or you just need information regarding a public amenities opening times, the Internet will deliver this information.

This new online world is therefore spreading its dominance over conventional business and so in order for traditional business to survive and thrive in this super competitive world, they must embrace this online arena.

To simply have a website is not enough, we really need our businesses to gain traction against our competitors within the environment in which we operate. There are many facilities online that drive this visibility that business craves but this is dominated by Google. Therefore, gaining traction within Google will make or break any organisation no matter what business type or size.

Every business has always established trust with its client base in order to drive its profitability, the online world is no different. In order to gain this trust then first we need people to find us in this massive global market and this is where digital marketing comes in!

Marketing has always been important to drive success, one could say that those companies that are able to harness their marketing capabilities are those that truly succeed and this does not change for online. If you are able to truly maximise your online marketing then your business will flourish on the Internet.

By delivering visibility then you will deliver traffic or people. This is the life blood that provides the opportunity to sell your products or services and ultimately, it is this that we are all craving!

There are many ways to generate this visibility, however Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is by far the most cost effective source for online visibility and therefore why it comes into play. Once you have built your business website then it is vitally important to increase its online visibility. SEO works towards increasing your websites search engine rankings as Google will not pick it up without certain aspects being highlighted.

Of course, a defined strategy will help this drive and there are many individuals and companies that will implement and drive this for you. The following list looks at some important factors to truly make a difference to your company’s website.

Be cost effective

Although SEO is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, it is the most cost effective form of marketing available. Many business owners believe they can do it themselves or that Google will automatically pick up your site, this is not necessarily the case. by utilising the services of an SEO expert who understands exactly what a search engine requires and is looking for, then this will enable you to concentrate on running your business. This will be one of the wisest investment any business can make.

Are you visible on Google?

Google is king! Statistics show that Google controls over 88% of the UK search market and this dominance proves that the vast majority of people search for products and services on their search engine before actually making a purchase decision. If you are not there then you will miss this potential.

How are your competitors doing?

We have to first understand that the pool of competitors for our online presence is not as simple as those that are next to you on the high street! Search on Google for your main service or product, are you there? List down who are visible and this starts your list of online competitors. Most people buy from those that they find, forget the brand loyalty that used to be a major factor, its now down to visibility.

Generating traffic increases the potential for profit

SEO is the key to good search engine rankings but it will not drive sales. This of course is the important factor, without the traffic that search engines deliver then no one will see your excellent service or your top-grade products and so this is where the journey must start. Traffic drives the potential for increased sales and increased sales obviously leads to profit.

Worldwide audience or just local

One of Google’s main aims is to drive localised results when we utilise their search engine. This therefore enables smaller, local businesses to really compete with the national brands. If you target your localised area then you can win in the visibility war!

Each business has its own SEO strategy which, if implemented correctly, can progress in an unparalleled way. In order to acquire a competitive edge over other companies then you must have a start a middle and of course an ending. By utilising a locally targeted campaign against your products and services then you have an excellent start to your strategy. How this expands is then up to you.

As it does expand then your online brand will truly get noticed and this therefore enables you to sell your products or services. In a nutshell, SEO will drive your business online!

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