How AI is Impacting the Digital Marketing Landscape

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Digital marketing has successfully revolutionised the industry over the past few decades, opening up a myriad new channels that may be used to successfully convey a brand’s message and attract their target customers. And now, with the development of the latest marketing software powered with AI (artificial intelligence) technology, many agencies are seeing the emergence of exciting new strategic possibilities. For a digital marketing agency in Essex, or beyond, the use of AI can be seen to be truly transforming the digital marketing landscape as we know it.

Building on The Digital Revolution

When digital marketing was first introduced to the industry back in the 1990s and early 2000s, it heralded a watershed moment in the way campaigns were conducted. The rollout of internet access completely changed the way in which agencies used technology in order to successfully market products and services. The advent of online retail, social media and widespread smartphone ownership all helped to shape the new age, where search engine optimisation (SEO), email direct marketing, content and influencer marketing have all become cornerstones of any smart advertising campaign. Now, the inclusion of software with AI capabilities is promising to dramatically improve the efficacy of digital marketing, by delivering valuable data insights and boosting efficiency.

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The Power Of AI

With AI, the customer experience can be personalised like never before. It’s an established fact that consumers respond best to content which has been targeted to their preferences, and, by collating and utilising all of the data available, AI delivers highly specific and relevant content to each and every individual. This in turn helps to boost conversion rates as well as encourage long term brand loyalty.

It can also be used to add incredible functionality to apps and websites, such as augmented reality (AR) elements which allow the customer to “try before they buy”, seeing anything from sunglasses to sofas in the context of their own environment. As well as providing a fun, immersive customer experience, this can greatly aid in e-commerce sales conversions. Improved chatbots are already proving invaluable to online businesses, too.

And with AI, it is even possible to accurately predict a customer’s future behaviour. Using insights drawn from second and third party data, the software can create a truly holistic picture of a customer which makes light work of marketing to their demographic.

The Impact On A Digital Marketing Agency In Essex

As a leading digital marketing agency in Essex, this new era promises to elevate our ability to provide the highest quality campaigns. The capabilities afforded by AI mean that the new digital marketing landscape is still full of potential for fresh innovations. With voice searches on the rise, thanks to the growth in popularity of smart speakers, it’s likely that future innovations will see conversational keywords become a core part of marketing strategies. Meanwhile, it isn’t too farfetched to imagine that AI bots will soon be able to create high-quality marketing content by themselves. It certainly makes for an exciting time for the industry, and our collective ability to deliver measurable value in client campaigns.


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