Automated Search Ads – The Future of SEM?

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It is well known that the major online platforms including Facebook and Google make their money from the sale of advertising. While television advertising concentrates on the kind of extended visual experience that seeks to entertain and develop a brand identity, Facebook, Google and others have become far more focused on personalisation and spend a great deal of time and resources on the development of ever more precisely targeted forms of advert. After all, it is in their interests to offer the most effective means of communication between advertiser and consumer.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is an essential part of any business’ strategy and it does not stand still. The increasing sophistication of Google and Facebook’s advertising offer is constantly offering new solutions. Automated search ads are the latest tools designed to maximise the efficiency of an advertising spend and there are thousands of SEM agencies all over the world which offer the expertise needed to take full advantage. However for a UK based company it makes sense to use the services of a PPC marketing agency in Colchester or somewhere equally close to home.


What Are Automated Search Ads?

Pay-per-click is a highly cost-effective means of online advertising and automated search ads are one of its most recent incarnations. They are powered by artificial intelligence and the vast amounts of data generated by online interactions. In common with other recent developments such as Google My Business, they are relatively simple to set up and don’t require much in the way of technical ability. Broadly speaking, the ad creation process has been reduced to answering a few questions about your business, goods and services, then supplying simple copy and images.

Automation enables you to optimise the effect of advertising techniques such as Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC), in which Google applies its smart bidding technology to increase or decrease your CPC bids automatically according to how it measures your chances of conversion. Without having to devote any of your own time, you will see an improvement in your targeting.

Other automated features include Google Ad Scripts which offers access to a huge script library which enables you to audit your Google ads account, generate reports, adjust bids and budgets, compile lists of negative keywords and import valuable data that makes use of insights regarding cost per click, conversions and click-through rates.

Automated search ads can also be populated with automatically generated headlines and landing pages for your website. Page titles and key phrases from your site are flagged up by Google in response to visitors’ searches in order to direct them to those sections of your website where they can find the most suitable answers to their queries.


Working with a PPC Marketing Agency in Colchester

Automated search ads represent a considerable leap forward in online advertising. While they require very little in the way of technical or coding knowledge, their benefits can be most effectively harnessed by professionals. Location is much less important than expertise, so our PPC marketing agency in Colchester can be the perfect partner even if your business is based at the other end of the country. Automated search ads will give you access to global markets, wherever you are.

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