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Google Algorithm Update

Google has just announced that it has delivered a new search algorithm update. Launched on the 8th of April, this update has been named ‘Product Reviews’. Google’s update has been designed to better reward product reviews that share in-depth research rather than simply delivering thin content that summarises a product. “Reviews that are written to deliver … Continue reading Google Algorithm Update

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Build a Strong SEO Campaign During COVID-19

We are now living in unprecedented times and of course, many companies will indeed fall into major difficulties however, for those that are entrepreneurial in their outlook and enthusiastic with regard potential opportunities, we just have to search out where they remain hidden. One thing that is blatantly obvious is how important the Internet is … Continue reading Build a Strong SEO Campaign During COVID-19

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After the Summer

It is now the other side of the summer holiday period and so many organisations are thinking about how they increase their search capability to maximise the trading period leading up to Christmas. It makes sense to try and expand all possibilities in improving the levels of income and lets face it, with Brexit around … Continue reading After the Summer

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Influencer Marketing: 10 Things To Understand

An influencer is exactly as it says. These are people based online that influence a market towards a product or service. From Computer Generated Influencers using CGI and nano-influencers to Instagram killing accounts with fake followers – 2018 was an activity-packed year for marketers. The list details some important insights from 2018 that will inform … Continue reading Influencer Marketing: 10 Things To Understand

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Direct to Consumer Brands say SEO is a Top Acquisition Channel

Whilst reading a recent article within the Search Engine Journal (written by their lead news writer Matt Southern) some interesting findings were recorded. This report was recently released looking at direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing in 2019. This data was accumulated by a report delivered by Yotpo in partnership with Magento and is titled ‘The State of … Continue reading Direct to Consumer Brands say SEO is a Top Acquisition Channel