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This may well be a little premature, but at some point in the coming few weeks or months we will all see an end to this lockdown period. I am not too sure that anyone can really say what a new ‘normal’ will be like, but there is one thing we can all be assured of – the online world will form a far deeper source of future work.

Over the last few weeks, we have been trying to deliver some easy to follow tips that enable you to maximise your website through this down time. The idea is that when we are all ready for the imminent release, our websites will also be ready to really kick start the push to gain business exposure and sell our service/products online.

With this in mind, tip 3 looks at the content and the wider campaign that you have in place right now. By continually analysing your up and coming content and campaign structure, we can tailor content to maximise your online exposure so that when we are released, our websites will take much of the strain and maximise future exposure.

Tip 3: Audit Your Upcoming Content & Campaign

If you’ve already put together your pipeline of content, now is the time to audit any upcoming campaigns for the future release. The last thing you want is for your campaigns to be monotonous to consumers and your potential traffic. You want to show empathy and compassion for your audience during times of crisis and most importantly, deliver a level of info that helps them once normality resumes.

There are many examples of large businesses tailoring their marketing message to fit the ongoing situation. For example, KFC have suspended their ‘finger lickin good’ campaigns as it could be seen as irresponsible given the guidelines associated with the current pandemic. This is an excellent case of brands tailoring their message to fit the consumers wants/needs, no matter what the situation is!

We must not forget that search is a proxy for customer intent, this means that SEO managers and website owners should have a heightened awareness of consumer sensitivities. Recognising this is valuable insight that should build the basis for both our overall information delivery as well as our content delivery going forward.

We must therefore realise that during these unprecedented times, SEO is more than simply ‘technical SEO’— it is also about being the voice of the customer across their network and we should aim to deliver this content in a form that our potential audience really wants to see.

Many companies have utilised different levels of paid search prior to this lockdown, whether that is Adwords from Google, or another type of paid social activity – it is proven to be a simple way to cut outgoings. However, paid search activity has been decimated by COVID-19, which is why our ability to deliver exposure through SEO is an ideal and cost-effective process. Although it does take time to build, it is definitely the best way to generate search exposure. If we have all targeted our websites effectively and have a content campaign that is specifically aimed at areas your customers want to consume, then by the time we are released, our websites will already be the most useful ‘sales section’ for our businesses.

Therefore, by adapting our focus in the short-term, you give yourself the chance to build long-term brand equity. Pure Digital are experts in delivering these tailored search campaigns and therefore if we can help to deliver this exposure, then please do get in touch at any time.

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