Build a Strong Brand Presence in Search

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We hope you are finding this down time productive in searching for opportunities for you and your business. Its never easy to find time to analyse where we can add value, however in these unprecedented times there are always opportunities available to maximise both now and most importantly, for the future.

Of course, at some point this lockdown will end, and everyone will be close to starting from scratch, so making sure that your online visibility has not been reduced should be a major priority.

With this in mind, Pure Digital have been detailing a few tips that can be utilised to maximise your online position and maybe even grab a march on your competitors so that when normality resumes, your online position within the Google search engine has improved and you can benefit from the increase in online traffic this delivers. Below is tip 2 detailing how to assist the drive of your online visibility.

Tip 2: Proactively Manage Your Brand Presence

It was some time ago now that Google updated their guidelines to include EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Although each of these titles is important, it’s the word “trustworthiness” that is the real target. The more trust you can build within your online content, the more users will click on your content in the search engine listings.

We therefore suggest that managing your online brand presence is essential during these times as dated or inaccurate information will confuse and may even hurt your consumers. To aid this, we have provided a few tips below for managing your online reputation during this COVID-19 situation:

Point A – update your schema: Schema defines the elements that an XML file may contain within your websites code. It provides specific structure for XML data, which is important when sharing XML files between multiple systems. A software developer may use a schema to describe the structure of a file format used by an application, therefore making information easier to understand from a search engines point of view. This ensures that Google is only showing accurate and up-to-date information about your company in this fast-changing environment. If you’re an e-commerce company, help meet consumer expectations by updating your product availability schema so it provides real-time information to your consumers. You can add many different schema types in order to utilise the one that best suits your brand.

Point B – update your Google My Business page: The Google My Business page is a free opportunity for your brand to deliver a localised message to local search. This means that Google are pushing to deliver returns from your area to the searches that we initiate. If you keep the information within your Google My Business listing up to date, you can maximise what your traffic is looking for.

Point C – analyse the Google Search Console; The Google Search Console is an area supplied by Google to provide info on how they see your web presence. This is a great source to analyse as it provides information that helps with optimising your online message. Web traffic, especially traffic coming from organic search, is a massively important indicator of where demand for your products and services has shifted. Spikes or troughs in traffic can show you what kind of information is most important to your customers and can therefore shape your response.

Point D – monitor Google Analytics: Although Google Analytics seems harder to understand each time you enter; this of course is not the case. It is relatively self-explanatory and will provide a free ‘heads up’ on where your traffic comes from and what it does when it gets there. By analysing this you can target the content delivered by each page within your site effectively and deliver exactly what your traffic is looking for.

Of course these four points are somewhat obvious, however they do provide some info that you can utilise in order to productively target each page of your website towards the areas your potential traffic are searching for.

It goes without saying that any support you need for implementing the above points, Pure Digital will always be there.

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