SEO Is a Cost-Efficient Investment During COVID-19

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We all understand that during these unprecedented times, people search online even more so than usual. Regardless of the economic climate or this latest lock down, we all want our brand to be top of mind for searchers whenever they are making a buying decision.

This is never an easy scenario as the only way to maximise your websites organic online visibility is to deliver your website in a way that Googles algorithm is looking for. Lets not forget that Googles ranking criteria does not change through our current circumstances and therefore, if you do want to maximise your online visibility, an organic search campaign is imperative!

This means that those business owners that are forward thinking are now looking towards the exit strategy for this COVID-19 situation and are consequently ramping up their SEO in order to maximise their potential ready for normality to resume.

During an economic downtime, SEO is a smart investment in the future of your business. One of its key advantages is how cost effective it is compared to other media channels.

By targeting your website towards key terms that your potential clients are looking for, you will ultimately drive traffic that you can then convert to sales. [can then be converted to sales.] This must be delivered alongside SEO-focused content which then delivers the most cost-effective and direct path to maintaining your business during economic downtimes.

This type of delivery requires a lower investment and allows you to enjoy the campaign into your future – [you will enjoy the campaign into the future] unlike other traditional media paid campaigns that generally act like an on / off button as soon as you stop paying. This therefore ensures an SEO campaign will pay off way after the initial investment.

Over the next few days, I am going to share tips on the ideal way to maximise your online search campaign. let’s start here with tip number 1.

Tip 1: Create Content That Builds Trust

The online research specialist ‘Forrester’, released a report earlier this month to measure how consumer sentiment has been influenced since the COVID-19 outbreak. The report stated, “Consumers are less optimistic that companies will follow through on the promises they make.” As a result, it is important to reassure clients now, rather than overwhelm them with sales opportunities.

An ideal way to deliver a sound message is to focus your pitch on comfort and hope rather than a defined sales opportunity. Work with your potential audience to deliver a message of integrity and allow your ability to help them feel in control of their lives. The idea here is that brands that deliver educational content are more trustworthy.

It is predominantly believed that after reading a brands educationally based content, the customer is more likely to buy from that brand. This therefore means that early-stage, educational content generally strengthens the brands trust and conversions. With this in mind, you should move your content effort towards educational content in order to establish trust.

Let’s not forget that your target market are looking for answers right now and consequently if you can deliver these answers, then your brand will take the maximum return and potential from this situation. What is then really important to remember is that this success wont only be enjoyed now, it will of course be delivered into the future and may well overtake those competitors that have stopped their marketing efforts all together.

Customers must be earnt and in order to turn these into sales then transparency is imperative. They want to trust not only the business, but also the people behind the business and if we utilise this within our targeted key term campaign then we maximise our potential.

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