Build a Strong SEO Campaign During COVID-19

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We are now living in unprecedented times and of course, many companies will indeed fall into major difficulties however, for those that are entrepreneurial in their outlook and enthusiastic with regard potential opportunities, we just have to search out where they remain hidden.

One thing that is blatantly obvious is how important the Internet is through times when the vast majority of people remain locked up in their homes. The way things are right now means that many people will search for products and services that they need and therefore, this is the time to be aggressive with our strategy.

Its all well and good to consider this simple fact but, there are other opportunities that we must understand and therefore the following article looks at a few of these and considers if indeed we can take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

We must therefore remember that search is a channel for consumer behaviour, and the COVID-19 crisis is of course having a dramatic impact on search behaviour, media consumption, supply chains, and budgets alike. Businesses will therefore need to adjust their marketing campaigns to answer this risk strategically or risk their competitors stealing those hard fought gains made over the previous years.

Organic Search, The Go-To Service

Many marketing channels have seen a dramatic reduction in budget as businesses try to keep their income close to their chests in order to pay those bills that will ultimately keep them viable. However, we all want to be viable when this does all sort itself out and therefore maybe being tactical with small and targeted campaigns will ensure your business is not only operating but also flourishing in these hard times.

Virtually all sources of traffic have shown a sharp decline accept organic search. One thing we must all remember is that the Google algorithm that determines our search visibility is software based and therefore is not concerned about the current problems we are all facing. They are still looking for good code coupled with good content and good links and if they find this then they will boost your website accordingly.

The interesting thing here is that many many businesses have cancelled their search programmes and therefore their online visibility will now start to fall leaving opportunity for those that continue to pursue the wholes that this delivers. These gains could indeed alter the search arena considerably and bring about the next set of online rockstars!

We all know that building a good online presence will deliver first traffic and then conversions and this will of course deliver strength to your brand long term. The good thing about organic search is that you can exploit at a reasonable cost. If your partner understands the current situation then quality content can be delivered to side with a targeted and blinkered approach therefore taking advantage of the opportunities that are now presented. These gains will of course remain way after we all return to work and therefore you can be benefitting for years to come.

Many savvy business owners are already making shifts in their strategy to invest more in SEO. As I think we all know, a targeted SEO focused campaign is the most cost effective and direct path to maintaining your business during an economic downturn. Lets all remember what the German aviator Dieter F Uchtdorf stated and I quote – “It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop”.

Pure Digital intend to deliver a series of articles over the coming days to explore the potential of your online visibility. Of course we hope these will help you to look at the potential from this terrible situation rather than the inevitable fall out – its about working harder than everyone else and that will deliver results…

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