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Maximising the reach of your content.

Content marketing and maximising reach! How can you ensure your business remains top-ranked within online search results? Well one way is to incorporate an SEO marketing plan into your content strategy. By utilising an on topic blog that your customers and visitors will find interesting and then by keeping this updated frequently you will maximise visibility. … Continue reading Maximising the reach of your content.

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Artificial Intelligence, is it there yet?

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HAS A LONG WAY TO GO Google’s algorithm performs billions of functions every day. By crawling web pages and interpreting queries they deliver accurate results across many platforms, Search, Maps, Gmail and many other services. The company has thousands of employees developing these algorithms. These employees are amongst the brightest brains in the … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence, is it there yet?

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Whats the plan?

There are many things that we must consider in order to drive new visitors to our business. It is these new visitors that in turn become the life blood of our future and this point is therefore why we all must be single-minded with our approach to online marketing. Part of this overall marketing arena … Continue reading Whats the plan?