Is SEO Needed as an Investment Right Now?

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As we all realise, search engines are one of the real winners through this global lockdown. Many people are sitting at home on their computers utilising search engines to find products and services.
This means that for many of us these times actually produce an opportunity rather than the negative impact we could easily look at. Lets have a little look at a few industries…

First, recruitment – one massive area when we return to work will be the changed environment. Many businesses will alter the way they carry out their service and they will therefore be looking for employees that can work within these environments. As for those that have unfortunately been laid off then there will be thousands of job seekers in the market.

How about house sales – many house sales have been put on hold through this period, however, the current market could make it viable for people to now take advantage of low interest rates and get the ball rolling on their dream house move. Many that have realised their property is not what they want will also be looking for a change. The release of lockdown is therefore likely to deliver a small boom in house sales and their related services. By maximising your online reach, within a geographic radius of your office location, you will be much more likely to gain the chance to push in front of your online competitors.

What about student services – many students looking at their forthcoming university placing will now not have long to find accommodation, and then to furnish and equip that accommodation. Of course, there are also many other student-based services that will be required, therefore presenting an opportunity for many industries.

How about e-commerce – for any business that utilises an e-commerce system, maximising footfall at a time when far more people are shopping online for every type of product and service is absolutely essential. The sooner one grasps this, the quicker this footfall will increase.

Finally, lets look at professional services – lawyers will be in high demand, as one of the unfortunate outcomes of this crisis is that, after spending weeks cooped up with their partners, many people may come to the realisation that marriage is not for them! How about accountants, all this money that has been handed out will need managing through accounts and the HMRC, again making plenty of opportunity for these professionals.

Of course, there are many more business categories we could cover here but the upshot is that being well placed in organic search will ensure your business is highlighted for its products and services.

This is not something that can be delivered once we return to work. It must be strategically planned and so when the eventual release does happen then your business has maximised its opportunity.
Therefore, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, getting your content to the top of Google will be more important than ever, as that is where your consumers are looking for answers to their requirements from brands they trust.

“I must be able to trust the brand to do what is right.” That’s what 81% of consumers say, according to the Edelman Brand Trust Report 2019. That means trust is a valuable commodity in these unprecedented and changing times. If you want consumers to choose you, they first must find you but then they must trust you.

A serious question will therefore be, what’s the best way to build and strengthen that trust to protect your brands reputation and increase your visibility – now and in the future?

• Continue to create SEO-focused content on topics that are relevant to your audience.
• Keep your site, content, and messaging up to date and relevant.
• Audit your current campaigns to be mindful of your messaging.

If you’re investing in SEO and content, this is just the beginning. If you’re not, then this could be your most cost effective approach to maximising the opportunity this crisis will present. If you need help creating relevant and optimised content, Pure Digital are experts at targeting and delivering this to maximise your online exposure and return those all important results.

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