5 Tips to Increase Your Online Revenue

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It is predicted that eCommerce revenue will reach a staggering £560 billion worldwide by the year 2022. It therefore helps to understand the ideal way to build conversions and ultimately grab a slice of this increasing revenue stream.

Many companies both large and importantly, those that are not so large have either a reliance on eCommerce transactions to build revenue or to increase contact via your web portfolio for your raft of services. With this in mind, businesses are incorporating additional strategies to ensure that their brand doesn’t get lost in the noise that this competitive landscape delivers in order to continually grow revenue.

So, what are these additional strategies, and should your organisation be utilising these to build their overall visibility and drive an increase in revenue.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
    Research shows that 43% of all eCommerce traffic originates from an organic Google search. With this in mind, investing in targeted search optimisation will deliver an increase in on site traffic. With the understanding that nearly half of this traffic will look to convert, it makes the maths extremely simple – more traffic equals more sales. Investing in dedicated SEO will not deliver these opportunities immediately however, not investing or taking on a cheap alternative will never work. By ‘dedicated SEO’ we mean optimising your website to target potential customers rather than simply traffic. Once we start delivering this traffic then conversion optimisation enables your team to manipulate this traffic to deliver the sales you crave.
  1. Clear Calls to Action
    Dedicated analysis shows that over 90% of consumers that read headlines will also read a call to action and act upon it. It has also been reported that anchor text calls to action will increase conversions by up to 121%. Brands can guide their traffic through the desired buyer’s funnel and increase the likelihood of either a purchase or their desired call to action.
  1. Responsive Web Design
    By now most of us will have heard that Google is targeting mobile traffic with their mobile first outlook. The vast majority of web traffic now utilises a smart phone device to research a buying decision and therefore the importance of mobile must be incorporated. Mobile eCommerce revenue is expected to surpass £335 billion by 2020. Plus, 85% of consumers begin a purchase on one device yet finish on another. Brands that use responsive design to create mobile friendly eCommerce sites have the power to build a more robust audience.
  1. Effective Demographic Targeting
    It’s obvious that not every visitor will want every product available on the internet and therefore it is so important to accurately target your potential traffic and segment your web presence specifically towards that target market. By creating a user-friendly platform that is targeted towards a theme then your ideal consumers will enjoy their time on your platform and engage.
  2. Easy-To-Use Checkouts
    It will not surprise you to know that delivering an intuitive checkout process is paramount to the success of any eCommerce website. Let’s not forget, if a consumer can’t easily complete the checkout process, they may abandon their cart which will ultimately hinder your business growth. There are lots of ways to optimise your check out process from minimising the number of steps needed to purchase, through to avoiding a prolonged registration process before accepting a sale and many many more. No matter what your call to action is or your ideal product delivery, the number one goal for any eCommerce business is to increase conversions.

In this age there are so many opportunities to deliver best practice and a user-friendly system that will ultimately help cultivate strong brand awareness and increase traffic numbers, improve conversion rates, and therefore transform those conversions into repeat customers.

As a final pointer then never forget the numbers! It is vital to understand exactly which areas of your business are working and which need attention. By continuously monitoring and applying apples against apples then you as a business manager / owner can continually move forward. This is even more important for a business with a few different shops / offices. Comparing the same metrics will enable your business to grow effectively and each segment to support the other.

If you would like more information on increasing traffic, conversion and understanding the numbers then do please get in touch with the Pure Digital team at any time.

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