Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

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In the ever more crowded world of Digital marketing then many companies of all shapes and sizes utilise easily available tools to maximise their online visibility. Tools such as Google Analytics or Google Adwords and Facebook Ads enable site managers to push visibility in the particular areas required.

Although this is a good way of producing activity through your online portfolio, many entrepreneurs overlook the value of branding or even worse, use their paid advertising budget to gain visibility for their own name.

By implementing a powerful and well-established brand message then you will underpin all persuasive ads and promotions thus maximising your online presence. This is often an ignored side of the digital marketing landscape and therefore an area that every entrepreneur should be in line with as it is a strategy that produces actual results over many months and years.

Building a strong brand message forms the entire identity of any business online however; it is often overlooked as many site managers believe they will already gain this almost as a ‘rite of passage’. The truth is that brand building takes time and is therefore a long-term process.

Branding may not produce the immediate results of a well-structured PPC campaign but, it is a valuable asset in supporting this. A trusted and established brand attracts new consumers in large numbers and can propel the business to the top of their industry.

We all know that the online space is becoming ever more crowded and therefore in order to attract consumers to our service offering we must work harder and faster than our immediate competition. This therefore means targeted digital marketing is mandatory in order to reach these modern audiences.

Its all well and good saying that digital marketing is important but why is this and why should entrepreneurs be interested?

  • It is Cost-effective

Most small businesses struggle with resources. They need the delivery of results in order to utilise their hard-earned budget. Digital Marketing is a better and more cost-effective channel for marketing that ensures delivery of results.

Many online reports show that respondents saved considerably with marketing cost by utilising a dedicated digital marketing campaign to promote their products and services.

  • It Caters to the Mobile Consumer

It cannot be overlooked that mobile communication is here to stay. Many consumers now utilise two or more devices throughout their buying cycle with their research generally completed on a mobile device. We have all now heard that Google has altered their indexing criteria to a mobile first scenario and this simple fact alone should show how this area of digital exposure must be utilised.

We are still on the crest of this marketing wave and therefore this is the best time to run digital marketing campaigns that are directed towards mobile consumers. Many analytical leaders now say that mobile visibility is a major influencer of a purchasing decision.

  • It delivers the right message to the right audience on the right device at the right time

The dream of any company’s online portfolio is to find consumers that will interact with your site on a regular basis. There are many different types of digital audience and therefore we must first understand our ideal target and then ensure our web assets deliver information correctly to this market. In other words, the correct information on the right device at the right time.

Attracting targeted traffic is absolutely the main stay of Digital Marketing. Once the consumers are delivered what they were promised, a better relationship will develop with the target audience and this enables them to transition into paying customers who will interact with the site on a regular basis.

  • It will build profile power

We must never forget that an important area within digital marketing is your business profile. This is integral to any brand because it is content that is judged by the consumers.

As Google is delivering local business profiles at the top of its results pages then ensuring these are correctly implemented will make a difference.

Furthermore, all information must be in line with all your marketing assets in order to deliver this targeted message. This will impact your SEO and page rankings.

Customers make quick decisions based on a brands profile and will then judge based on the information they see; this is alongside your connected reviews. They will see the profile more often based on what they have searched.

  • Underpin with content

Let’s not forget how consumers see content. They will utilise their preferred channels and therefore see snippets of your total information delivery across these separate channels. It is therefore these snippets that they utilise to make their purchase decisions. The only eyes that see all your content in line together are yours!

It is vital for all information delivered by all your web assets to be aligned and joined up. A multi-channel content approach along with consistency in brand delivery is so important with digital marketing.

In conclusion, it’s easy to understand the importance of digital marketing for any brand in today’s competitive arena. With the help of a digital marketing expert then any business, can reach the right audience. The size of the company does not matter. Whether it’s a start-up or a multinational company, whether a budding entrepreneur or an experienced businessman, digital marketing will boost your brand and bring in more business.


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