An Update for the Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update

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It is still a little too early to make any definitive statements about the algorithm update detailed in our earlier post. As far as the SEO community is discussing then this June 2019 core algorithm update was a ‘big one’. Not only is it detailed as big, but the rollout has not completed as yet.

Google themselves said it was Big
Why do we say it was big? Well, firstly Google said so. Danny Sullivan from Google said the only reason they are talking about it is because it is going to be “definitely noticeable” and thus they want to talk about it.

Lots of Chatter
The second reason is because the SEO community are discussing this in detail. There is so much chatter on all systems, much of this is normal noise based on movement in how sites rank however, some shows early signs of major changes for many sites that were previously hit by core updates. Some have seen massive recoveries, at least so they say, while others are seeing big drops.

There is also a lot of chatter amongst those originally impacted by the Medic update but again, this is too early to draw any real conclusions.

It’s Not Completed Yet
We don’t believe the roll out has as yet completed and it can therefore take more time to roll out – in fact, Gary Illyes from Google has said that for this to fully roll out it can take “between 1 day and a couple weeks, depending on factors like data centre health, network congestion and quality.”

More Analysing Needed
In order to really understand what this update has affected then we should allow it at least a week in order to take a deeper dive into the results. We can surmise that it potentially will be more of the same as we all have seen with the previous core updates, this includes the medic update. So, we will analyse deeper the industries hit, the types of sites affected, and the tactics affected etc. We do however believe from this early stance that it will be similar to the previous core updates.


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