**Breaking news** – Google update

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Google has just released some breaking news…

Today (03rd June 2019) Google will be releasing a broard core algorithm update. As we all know, this is something that Google does several times per year.

The update will be called ‘The June 2019 Core Update’ however, until the update has been released then there will be no clear way of understanding what areas of search have been targeted. One thing to take on board here is that Google themselves say there will be nothing to fix.

The reason they say there is nothing to fix is because core algorithm updates may not generally be about targeting specific kinds of low quality content but rather, about improving relevance.

When you talk about content quality, you’re talking about spam. But showing users relevant results is more about understanding search queries and understanding content than it is about excluding spam.

In a general way, these kinds of updates are about improving how Google understands search queries, improving how Google understands web pages and bringing both sides together to provide more relevant search results.

Once we have more information on the areas to look out for then we will of course let you know further.

Any questions then please revert to Pure Digital at any time.



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