After the Summer

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It is now the other side of the summer holiday period and so many organisations are thinking about how they increase their search capability to maximise the trading period leading up to Christmas.

It makes sense to try and expand all possibilities in improving the levels of income and lets face it, with Brexit around the corner and this uncertain mess we all seem to be in then by maximising any possible income route can only help.

Lets first try and understand where we currently are and if there is indeed a need to improve. This is heavily dependent on the industry and searches completed by users however, it dos make sense to first use Google the way you believe a user would search.

Are you visible for your own brand? I should hope so but to be honest, this does not mean you have a good search profile. The idea is to look for the services or products you sell. These are the ideal areas to deliver traffic but these can also be the hardest to gain visibility for.

One of the difficulties here is to first understand what those terms are that your users may use. One thing you can use here is Google Trends. Put in phrases or keywords that matter to your business and see the historical performance over the years. You can get the same idea through Google Keyword Planner.

Both of these may well inform you in order to maximise your visibility. Don’t forget, its not what you think that matters, its what those potential customers consider are the terms they are looking for that will deliver results.

If you are in a B2B industry then one piece of insight which could be useful is that there tends to be spikes around November / December and February / March when potential customers might be wanting to use up some of that leftover annual budget at the end of their calendar or financial year. It can be extremely lucrative if you can tap into that!

Problem is, you need to be visible in the area they are looking in order to take advantage of this potential.

This is where search optimisation really comes into its own. By maximising your online presence across all formats then you really do obtain the potential of reaching this traffic that could make a serious difference to your yearly income.

Most optimisation companies will provide an initial analysis free of charge (and there’s not much that’s free of charge these days!) and this will often provide a good second opinion on the effectiveness of your online presence.

Now is the time to make the most of this so, have a little look online and see how you show up for these key search phrases and then see if your site is delivering on them. If not, then now is the time to get that sorted.

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