Digital marketing: A new dawn in the pandemic time

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There is no doubt that businesses are facing complex challenges in the Covid-19 world. For many, an enforced and prolonged public lockdown has meant that their premises have either been closed or affected by falling business. Some firms have failed during lockdown, others remain on the brink. Some have thrived in the new world, as more customers have gone online or sought home deliveries and takeaway services to buy food, drink, entertainment, groceries, food and more.

A changing market environment

In this environment digital marketing is offering a huge variety of opportunities. Businesses who have embraced digital marketing in Essex have found that they suddenly have a larger engaged audience of customers who are willing to buy online, in a way that they might not have done in the past.

The choice of social media channels available, combined with growing take-up, means that there are more opportunities than ever for businesses who are prepared to invest in their online presence. This could be done via a range of platforms or simply by engaging effectively with your target audience on a small handful, such as your website, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and / or Twitter, depending on your market and audience.

Digital marketing in Essex: Tips for success

If you are looking to make the most of digital marketing in Essex, what steps can you take to get it right?

1. Choose your platforms

It isn’t necessary to use every platform, but you should select a range which are right for your audience. Think about where your audience is active and seek to have a branded presence on it.

2. Work on your brand

Check whether your brand is appropriate for your audience before you begin promoting it. Does it need a refresh or does it still resonate with your customers? Does it convey your values and ethos? Now is the time to carry out some market research.

3. Create a content plan

Great digital engagement is all about content, so develop a wide range of written and visual content, such as photography and video.

4. Integrate e-commerce

Where you sell things online, integrate e-commerce into your website and any apps. Check that it is smooth and working as it should. The online purchase experience should be as slick and easy as possible.

5. Actively monitor your online work

You should always be ready to engage on your social channels and ready to fix errors and make improvements on your website and app. When you begin to invest in digital marketing channels, really make the effort. Yes they are ‘free’, but their return and true value will only become apparent when you commit to getting the most from their features.

6. Measure

Always measure your activity and its results so that you can see what’s working an what needs a tweak.

How will your business use digital marketing for the year ahead?

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