Interesting Google/IO 2021 updates every marketer should know

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If you are looking to achieve success when it comes to online marketing, one thing you need to make sure – staying up to date with everything that is happening in the industry. After all, the marketplace is changing all the time. Google constantly brings out new updates, which can mean that you need to tweak and amend your campaign efforts often. Pure Digital is a reputed PPC Management company in Essex that has expertise as well as experience to strengthen your PPC campaign and significantly improve their performance.

Considering that, we have put this blog post together to explore the latest Google I/O updates so that you can determine how they may impact you and any sort of changes or amendments that you may need to make as a consequence.

Say hello to MUM

 MUM is the name for the new AI Google has implemented when there is not a simple answer. Google MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model.This platform is 1,000 times more powerful when compared with prior renditions. It can handle more complicated tasks. Not only that but it is trained in more than 75 languages, as well as having developed its own languages too. What makes this technology so powerful is that typically the things we see and do in our daily lives are challenging to describe in voice-based searches and especially in text.However, MUM has effectively mashed these items together so that visual representation and language transition are overcome and you can get better understanding. It is an incredible technological advancement and one that is bound to have a big impact.

 Structured Data

Next, we have structured data, which is important because it can help Google to understand your site more effectively. The most popular form for structured data creation has been JSON-LD over the past year or so. We now have structured data for everything from offline events to online events. You can also apply it to landing pages and videos as well. Therefore, if video is part of your marketing strategy, then you definitely need to start learning more about structured data and how this can be applied to your online efforts successfully.

 Crawling updates in the form of HTTP/2

HTTP2 is the next chief version of the primary protocol that we use for data transfer across the web. This gives Googlebot the ability to open a singular connection and request numerous files in parallel. In basic terms, this basically means that it is going to be a much more effective way of web crawling and getting through your website. It is all about saving server infrastructures and bandwidth with this one!

So there you have it: everything you need to know about the most important and latest changes when it comes to Google I/O updates. We hope that this information will prepare you for these changes. If you need assistance when it comes to your marketing efforts in this regard, Pure Digital is an experienced company offering PPC management services in Essex. We stay up-to-date with the latest Google updates and algorithm to improve your brand visibility by putting your business in front of the right people.

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