3 Factors Influencing The Outcome of PPC Campaigns

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A PPC campaign can deliver immediate results. If the campaign is well-managed, it starts driving traffic, delivering leads and converting traffic into customers almost as soon as the ads go live. But PPC campaigns can be complex and they need careful management to make them successful. Our experience as a PPC agency in Essex has taught us some of the key factors to get right, to ensure a really successful PPC campaign.


These are the driving force of a PPC campaign. If you pick the wrong ones, you can waste a whole ad campaign. In theory, you can just pick whichever keywords feel right and adjust as you learn what works and what doesn’t, but that’s a really expensive way to find your feet. It’s much better to do your research first. Take into account everything you know about your customers, the purchase journey they’re on, and figure out which keywords they use when they really want to buy.

Generic keywords such as “hotel,” “boutique hotel,” “hotel Essex” are okay, but they’ll get your ad shown to people who are just searching for information on hotels, not looking to make a booking. Longer, more specific search strings including “hotel Essex this weekend” or “most affordable boutique hotel” are stronger signals of buying intent, so targeting them should lead to more conversions.

Branded keywords consistently lead to a higher conversion rate, so it’s vital that your brand is part of your keyword set.

You can check the search volume, at a total level or for specific audiences using Google Ads but getting keywords right is a skill, and having an agency to help you can be far more efficient than picking your own.

Ad copy

Keywords get your ads shown to the right people. Good copy gets them excited for your product. The more you can personalise ads to your different audiences, the more effective they will be. If you’re advertising a hotel, maybe you have one group of customers looking for a luxury five-star experience and another looking for single night stays or no fees for cancellation. If you can serve these groups’ ads that refer to their specific needs, they’re much more likely to pick you over the competition, and more likely to convert.

Landing page

Ultimately, a PPC campaign gets potential customers to a specific landing page. If that landing page isn’t fit for purpose, visitors will bounce. Their visit got you nothing, but you’ll still be charged for the clickthrough. You need a landing page that’s visually pleasing, has strong calls to action and is optimised for mobile devices as well as desktops.

PPC Agency in Essex

Optimising a PPC campaign is tricky, and takes a lot of skill. These tips will give you a strong start, but getting a good digital agency on board will work wonders.

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