Impressions or Clicks- Which Is a More Vital KPI for A Google Ads Campaign?

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When you want to ensure that your PPC marketing campaign is delivering the results you need, turning to the analytical metrics available is a great way to assess whether you’re moving in the right direction. Yet with a substantial number of these metrics to draw on, it can be tricky to gauge which is the most effective KPI.

A Host of Metrics

Indeed, the metrics that you want to focus on will likely change with each and every Google Ads marketing campaign that you run. Google Ads puts seven analytical metrics at your disposal, and each has its own merits. The Conversion Rate, for example, will bring clear insights into how the campaign’s ROI is faring, whilst seeing how high your Quality Score is can help you discover if you could qualify for a discount on your ad costs (Google Ads will award an impressive 50% discount on keywords if you achieve its top-level 10 rankings, whereas those with the lowest score of 1 will see their costs soar by 400%). An experienced PPC marketing agency in Colchester will understand how each and every one of these metrics can be looked at for the best results.

The Benefits of Impressions

The Impressions metric, meanwhile, is a valuable insight into the number of people who are setting eyes on your advert. This can be when a user visits a website or opens an app where the advert is on display, and must not be mistaken for active engagement. The Impressions figure is significant both because it informs advertising charges but also indicates how far a marketing campaign is penetrating a chosen channel.

The Advantages of Clicks

Clicks, meanwhile (used to calculate the Click-Through Rate or CTR metric), are counted whenever a person who sees your advert goes on to click on it, thereby kick-starting active engagement with your brand. The CTR is simply the number of clicks divided by the total number of Impressions and expressed as a percentage. Simply put, the better the CTR, the better your PPC marketing campaign is performing.

However, your campaign’s CTR can provide much more vital information when it is explored more deeply. For example, one campaign’s CTR may be compared against another campaign’s figure, thereby establishing like- for-like performance or providing insights into the benefits of adding extra creative features. In this way, the CTR can also be used to monitor the efficacy of different channels, too. It can even help ascertain user value.

Get The Right Results with A PPC Marketing Agency in Colchester

The safest way to ensure that the right analytical metrics are being assessed for your PPC marketing campaign is to work with true specialists. Being a PPC marketing agency in Colchester, we can maximise your marketing campaign and ensure that your brand is made known to the right people. By carefully and expertly managing your campaign, we ensure that it delivers the results you need, boosting revenues no matter what sector or industry you operate in. It’s the smart choice for any business looking to optimise their marketing ROI as well as their profile.

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