How to Gradually Reduce Cost per Acquisition from a PPC Campaign

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is increasing in popularity as more businesses begin to recognise the value of this powerful marketing channel. This level of increased demand is leading to higher cost per click prices so it is important to understand how to ensure your Google Ads campaigns are delivering the best possible return on your investment (ROI).

Every professional PPC agency in Essex recognises how important it is to ensure PPC campaigns are properly managed at every stage. The good news is that if your PPC campaign isn’t currently sustainable or profitable, there are several steps you can take to minimise your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and increase your returns.

Frequently Review your Bids

Bids are the price you want to pay to display your ads on a specific keyword you are targeting. When reviewing your bids, it’s important to consider your ideal return on ad spend and cost per conversion. It is possible to make adjustments to your bid in several different ways, and if you haven’t used these tools before, it is a good idea to first look at making adjustments based on:

– Day of the week
– Time of day
– Geographical location
– Device

Target more Precise Keywords

Expanding your list of target keywords is an excellent strategy for generating more leads but refining your list can contribute to a lower CPA. In addition to conducting long tail keyword research, it will also be beneficial to lower your bids on shorter terms and analyse your data to look for insights that will help you to refine your list of keywords.

Boost your Quality Score

Your quality score, which is ranked on a scale of one to 10, estimates the quality of your ads, landing pages and keywords. Ads with higher quality scores can be rewarded with better ad positions and lower prices, which is why investing time into understanding why your score isn’t where you want it to be can help you to markedly lower your CPA. There are a variety of factors that could be affecting your score, including landing page experience, expected Click-Through-Rates (CTRs), and ad relevance.

Conduct Comprehensive Ad Testing

As adverts are one of the first interactions that will take place between your business and your potential customers, it is important to make a positive first impression. It is advisable to test two ads against each other in every ad group to ensure maximum performance, which will have a positive impact on a variety of key metrics including CPA.

The Advantages of Partnering with a PPC agency in Essex

With the knowledge that keeping up with the paid search developments that seemingly emerge on an almost weekly basis is difficult, every well-regarded PPC agency in Essex should offer campaign reviews that will highlight optimisation opportunities that can supercharge the results generated from your PPC spend.

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