Three factors to monitor for avoiding over optimisation

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Organic search engine results are one of the most important tools in a business’s arsenal. There are more than 11 billion searches a month on Google alone, and correctly done search engine optimisation will get your website ranked higher. Refer to our SEO services in Colchester.

But a business can have too much of a good thing. Websites that are over-optimised have been known to suffer penalties that can cause them to drop significantly in web searches. While using all the potential tips to grow organic customer engagement with your brand, these are some important factors to monitor when working on an SEO strategy.

Including keywords in text for SEO services in Colchester

If you optimise every page using the same keywords and terms, search engines will notice. If sentences are unnatural sounding or repetitive, they may trigger over-optimisation penalties. Anything that sounds like it might have been written by a computer to optimise keyword inclusion in the writing, is going to be pushed far down on any search rankings.

The key is to have any content written naturally. Keep in mind keywords that you have researched and analysed, but include them only in a way that reads naturally to customers and to the search engine algorithms.

Backlink velocity for SEO services in Colchester

Backlinks are incredibly useful in improving search engine rankings. However, building too many in too short a span of time looks suspicious to the algorithms that run search engines. The maximum backlinks for content built in a day should be around 30 to 100. Try to judge how many are reasonable based on your website’s average traffic levels, the interests of your target customer base, and the industry your business is based in.

Content creation for SEO services in Colchester

Write naturally not to the keyword. Consider the subheading for each section in this post. The keyword brings potential customers to this content, but it doesn’t sound quite right when included. Building content around specific keywords can hinder any optimisation for search engine rankings. Google’s primary goal is to provide the best results to any search queries and they prioritise high quality content. Produce content that will appeal to the customers that you want to attract – not just for the algorithm.

Over optimisation occurs when businesses focus too much on technical SEO instead of thinking about how to increase search engine rankings organically. While keywords, backlinks, and optimised content can really increase a business’s brand presence for potential customers, don’t lose sight of why SEO is being done in the first place. You should focus on connecting to customers that will engage with your business and creating the best content for them to be enthused by. Google and other search engines reward those who invest their time in creating quality content. Take time in the craft, and your website will enjoy longer-lasting and more productive SEO over time.

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