Google’s December 2020 core algorithm update

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Google are always busy with new updates and roll outs however, their latest update, rolled out on December 3rd although the impact was mostly felt on December 4th.

On Dec. 3rd, Google began rolling out their December 2020 core update. Early data shows the rollout was really seen the following day, but as Google has said, it can take a couple of weeks to fully roll out any core alteration to their algorithm.

Based on reports from the industry experts this update is a truly big broad update, possibly even bigger than the May 2020 core update that was recognised as one of the biggest ever felt.

Most data companies that track Google’s search results have reported that this was indeed a big update that was significantly felt across almost all verticals.

Google themselves reported that this core update actually commenced roll-out on Thursday December 3rd. As with all core updates, this was a global update and was therefore not specific to any particular region, language or website category. It is a classic broad core update that Google releases every few months however, with this version, the gap from the last update in May was the longest seen for some time. Usually, they deliver an update approximately every three months but this one was a seven month break.

The previous core update was produced and rolled out in May 2020 and this one took some two or so weeks to fully roll out. Before that was the January 2020 core update. There was detailed analysis delivered for that update and although again it targeted all business niches, languages and regions. It was reported that there was massive movement at the top of SERP’s for the Health and Finance niches. Before this was the September 2019 core update but this one felt weaker to many webmasters.

There was also an update delivered in November 2019 but, that one was really specific to local rankings.

All web specialists that track these updates have reported that the fluctuations usually seen have been substantial with the biggest changes being delivered on December 4th.

Many online retailers, especially those that make much of their revenue right before the festive holidays, have said that this update could be considered as devastating to their ongoing businesses. Google themselves said it was delivered after thanksgiving and after both black Friday and cyber Monday but before the Christmas break truly takes hold.

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