Googles August algo update

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The Google core algorithm update of August is still rolling out…

As we have now seen, a few days ago Google rolled out an all new update on their search algorithm. Google has now given us an update on this big search algorithm update.

On Wednesday, Google said it had begun rolling out a broad core algorithm update for search results. On Friday then Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land helpfully reported that they had heard that the update was still rolling out and will continue to roll out, at least until sometime next week!

Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan said, “Say by the middle of next week it should be fully rolled out.” This is in response to an SEO asking when fluctuations in the Google search results will calm down.

Here are those tweets:

Adam Durrant@AdamDDurrant

Replying to @searchliaison

@dannysullivan How long do you anticipate this broad algorithm to take to settle out. It would be great to get an approximate idea of what my rankings will actually look like after so much fluctuation. TIA

Danny Sullivan


A few days. Say by middle of next week, should be fully rolled out.

4:46 PM – Aug 3, 2018

This algorithm update seems to have been a significant update, based on many of the metrics currently being tracked. Google’s aim with these updates is to improve the overall quality of the search results provided to searchers.

Google’s current advice on this update is that webmasters do not need to make any technical changes to their websites. In fact, the company said “no fix” is required and that it is aimed at promoting sites that were once undervalued. Google has said that you should continue to look at ways to make your overall website better and provide even better-quality content and experiences to your website visitors.

With this in mind, the advice is to give the update a few more days to fully roll out and then see what happens when the results settle for your website’s ranking in Google.

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