Pros & Cons of Google’s Automated Bidding Strategies

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In the last few years, Google has opted to integrate a variety of machine learning technology into its advertising platform. In fact, so much work has been done here that it is now essentially possible to create a Google Ads campaign and let the technology optimise every facet of it for you.

What is Smart Bidding?

Smart Bidding is an automated process within the Google Ads platform that utilises machine learning in order to maximise conversions for each investment. An experienced PPC marketing agency in Colchester has explored some of its pros and cons.

Pro: Leverage Comprehensive Contextual Data

There are five Smart Bidding strategies in total, each of which prioritises a particular conversion objective: maximising conversions, maintaining target cost per action (CPA) figures, achieving target return on ad spend (ROAS), optimising cost per click (CPC), and ensuring your ad is displayed at the top of a page as frequently as possible.

Smart Bidding will essentially take on all the optimisation work here to provide you with the most beneficial outcomes, which brings us on to our second advantage.

Pro: Save Time

In addition to streamlining the campaign process for you, this functionality will allow you to essentially take your eye off the ball and just let the technology do its thing.

Pro: Levels the PPC Playing Field

PPC advertising can often feel inaccessible to small businesses who might not have intricate understanding of the processes. The ability to allow automated technology to take over therefore makes Google Ads more appealing to a wider audience of advertisers.

But, unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to Smart Bidding that also need to be considered.

Con: Lack of Control

Not only will you have no control over the datasets and metrics that are being used to optimise your campaign, but you won’t have quite as much control over your budget. It is also worth noting that although Google has access to an enormous volume of data, their learnings might not necessarily reflect your audience which could limit the scope of the outcomes your campaign will generate.

Con: Results May Take Longer to Materialise

It will take Google’s machine learning technology some time to understand your campaign, which may mean that you’ll need to wait a bit longer to start seeing beneficial results. You may also find that the technology can’t be used to help you achieve the specific objective you are working towards.

What Can a PPC Marketing Agency in Colchester do for my Business?

Machine learning technology is undeniably changing the online landscape in myriad ways, but although it is potential huge, it can’t beat the comprehensive knowledge and vast array of skills possessed by a professional PPC marketing agency in Colchester. If you want to level up your PPC strategy, investing in agency support can transform your entire digital presence for the better.

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