The future of SEO for online businesses

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Throughout the last ten years, SEO has dramatically changed delivering far more accuracy than ever before. There are so many articles written about the future of search that we thought it important to look at three key areas that must be included within any organisations search strategy.

Each and every search engine are in a constant battle to deliver relevant search results to their web users and are therefore considered targeted towards their initial search criteria. Because of this then search engines are constantly re configuring their search algorithms to deliver the dedicated and customised results that their traffic is looking for. This must be delivered in a fraction of a second and therefore, has led to non-stop experimentation by the search engine techies.

These people have predicted some fascinating theories about SEO’s and their role in online business activities and importantly, in online searching. Here are three areas that these technology super stars believe the future holds for the search engine landscape.

AI and RankBrain will dominate

Artificial intelligence is ultimately a thing for the future, so we all think. Search engines for some time have been developing their RankBrain technology, in fact this has remained one of Googles top searched ranking factors for some time. If you thought that RankBrain on its own was a big deal then you have no idea what once combined, these two can deliver.

Imagine a situation where you are thinking of the latest jobs available in the sales and marketing industry and the moment you start typing “Sal”, the search engine automatically displays job opportunities. That is the power of AI combined with RankBrain.

They have the ability to learn the pattern of your searches and understand the content that you are interested in and have therefore been searching for.

From an online business point of view, if you are looking for homes to let in your area, then your search engine will instantly list some of the best websites in this category before you have actually started typing your search query.

This helps to get search results quicker while at the same time, being highly accurate.

User experience is invaluable

SEO will not just remain a platform that improves keyword research and helps to rank businesses higher in search engines. Search results will become more customised and you will see what you want to see in fewer clicks.
That is why Google is paying so much attention to the pattern of searching from web users. An idea will therefore be to take a more comprehensive approach to content delivery by creating information that will entice users to interact with the different elements on each web page.

Companies will have to research their target audience so they understand the type of content this audience likes and accordingly prepare their own content in an engaging format to target this request. The Google Search Console and Google Analytics will become key to understanding their user experience for each and every website.

AMP will become crucial

So far, the top search engines have always used only a single index for documents whilst producing search results. But with the advent of smartphones, they now have two indexes to worry about; one for the desktop version and the other for the mobile version of any website. In fact, mobile phones have become so much more dominant that the majority of research related search results are implemented on mobile devices.

That is why the search engines have implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This will not only improve search results but will also increase the speed at which a website loads on these mobile devices. A recent statistic has proven that almost 53% of people leave a site that does not load within three seconds or less on a mobile device.
So, online businesses will have to include the push for mobile related dominance in their online strategy if they want to be successful.

For ages certain factors of the online world have said that SEO is a dying art form. This is simply not true, SEO is here to stay, but constant changes must be expected as the major search engines strive to deliver the most accurate and relevant results for their users on the ideal device. The job in hand therefore becomes strategy based and ensures that each website owner delivers the experience to their expected traffic that they require.

Welcome to the future…

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