Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and SEO Marketing, things to consider.

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Is SEO that is aimed at blockchain and cryptocurrencies different?

The blockchain industry has exploded over recent years. The push to develop cryptocurrencies and emerging technologies all based on the blockchain methodology has seen billions of pounds of investment flood this emerging industry. One area that has been driven by this push for coverage is the online marketing services delivered. If your company has an imminent ICO then of course you will look for the most visibility possible thus delivering a true differentiator between you and your competitors!

As with every area of this market then there are many organisations that have jumped on this bandwagon and are now taking advantage by offering over hyped organic search services with little substance. So, how do you analyse a marketing system to see if it actually has the potential to deliver the results you crave?

First, we must consider that cost is not always a true reflection of skill. There are many larger SEO agencies offering search campaigns at a high cost. Many consider that as these are such large agencies then the cost must be worthwhile however, this is very rarely the truth. The vast majority of larger organisations do not have the dedicated skill set needed to deliver targeted results. By the same nature there are many smaller organisations and often these include both PR firms and website design agencies that offer SEO but at an extremely small and from the outside, cost effective price. The case here can often be that you may find a better return from your money by gambling on the horses as these smaller agencies have almost no true understanding of what SEO stands for.
This therefore lends the question to how do I find the right agency for me? The following paragraphs look at a few areas that your agency must deal in and importantly some areas that you must steer well clear of!

How Does SEO Work for Crypto and Blockchain Companies?

In this blockchain world, good SEO can help you appear on the front page of search results when someone Googles your business type or importantly when someone looks for a specific key term for example ’best bitcoin exchange’.
The goal with all SEO is to expand your company’s online presence. SEO firms will do this by optimising your website for many search terms. The idea is to target your website effectively to those terms that ultimately your target market will be searching for. Do not forget that these visitors must be the right sort of visitors. Its pointless gaining huge numbers of traffic if this traffic is not interested in your service so this is in effect the first area to consider. How targeted is your campaign?

In order to make your campaign as targeted as possible then there are a few areas that must be considered. Although these are important to the blockchain world, these are in effect the main pillars of any SEO strategy and therefore remain important to drive success. There are two specific areas to consider, first on page SEO, this includes many areas like adding key search terms to your website, interlinking your pages, and ensuring all pages have unique and helpful content as well as code that is correctly set up. The second area is off-site SEO. This can include adding guest posts to another person’s website or getting backlinks from authority sources. Neither are more important than the other, but both are a must if you intend to use search as a key route to market. So, lets now look at a few of these important factors;

Website Targeting: The very first place to start with optimisation work on your website is to deliver a strategy based on key terms. Once you have this strategy you can then target each page effectively towards its own individual set of terms. By delivering the code and the page structure to this set of terms then you are delivering the information in the ideal way for Google to understand. That said, do not forget that its not only Google that must understand this. Your visitors also need to know what they have landed on and indeed how to find the areas they are looking for.

Link Building: Link building has been a crucial part of search optimisation since the beginning. Today, link building continues to play a crucial role in SEO however, it must be delivered with quality and in an authoritative way. Getting links to your website from authority sources will always add strength to your campaign. Many marketing companies focus on link-building but they often use farms that were effective many moons ago. The only way to deliver effective link building that truly works is to reach out to websites in your niche – like a media site – in an attempt to gain an effective link. The more quality links you have, the better your search engine placement will be.

Content Marketing: For many years it has been said that ‘content is king’ it may not be king however, it is truly important! Content marketing plays a crucial role in many search engine campaigns. You can push yourself as an authority in your industry by publishing unique, high-quality content. You may consider using unique research or to develop podcasts and place these on YouTube channels. There are many different content generating opportunities that will position you as a market leader in your space.

Pay Per Click Advertising: Some marketing firms will launch a dedicated pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. In order to saturate your market prior to a product launch for example, your marketing company might initiate a massive PPC advertising campaign to inform everyone of the launch in the days leading towards the big event. In an industry where companies can rise and fall within a few weeks, effective marketing can make a huge difference. Of course, this may be expensive however it will guarantee results.

Analytics: After implementing any SEO strategy, you must meticulously analyse the websites analytics and make adjustments accordingly. Any analytics programme will provide valuable insight on which strategies work and which must then be adjusted moving forward.

Avoid Low-Quality Marketing Companies

We have already mentioned some of the strategies top SEO firms are using to get clients ahead in the competitive world of crypto and blockchain. However, this is not always the way it actually works. Some SEO firms make huge promises about their effectiveness, only to get a client’s site blacklisted from Google.

We have detailed below a few areas to watch out for and importantly to avoid at all cost;

Avoid Firms that Guarantee Search Rankings: This is a good lesson whether you’re working in the blockchain space or any other industry for that matter. No good SEO firm is going to guarantee search engine placement. There are too many ranking factors that lie outside of your control. The only way to guarantee positions is with PPC, organic optimisation has too many moving parts to guarantee and so steer clear of anyone that says they will guarantee you an organic position.

Look for Companies with Genuine Blockchain Experience: The blockchain space is surging with growth and therefore everyone wants a piece of the pie. Marketing firms know how much money blockchain companies have raised in ICOs and they therefore know that they are ready to spend millions on marketing packages to deliver exposure. It is therefore important to find a marketing agency that has genuine experience in blockchain.

White-Hat Versus Black-Hat SEO: Most people have now heard that the SEO industry has both a “white hat” and “black hat” side. These deliver services that are either the right side of the line or the wrong. White hat SEO generally play by the rules, taking a slow and labour-intensive approach to boosting search rankings. Black hat SEO firms, often use shady tactics to trick search engines into providing higher rankings. In reality, most SEO firms use a blend of strategies – like “grey hat” strategies. However, if you’re building a genuine business in the blockchain space, then you’ll want to stay away from many black hat SEO strategies.

The Blockchain SEO Space is Highly Competitive

As with all industries then the blockchain market is highly competitive. Top companies are battling over high-ranking search terms, with the winning company potentially earning millions of organic visitors every month. It’s a big business with high stakes.

By securing an SEO company that has experience in your business then you have the potential to really compete in this volatile market. The right agency will deliver results and these results can mean the difference between winning and failure.

Don’t think that this is only relevant to the blockchain industry, it is important to consider all these factors no matter what industry you are in and its your agencies ability to target and drive results that ultimately will deliver the traffic that any website craves.

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