Januarys Algorithm update

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Google’s algorithm updates have always been an excellent resource for the SEO community. Through 2018 there were a series of updates that broughtin rank and position changes to a number of different websites. Updates likethe Google Medic update impacting website content and search rankings, Googlealways finds a way to optimise their search engine to ensure that users get thebest results possible.

The updates seen in 2018 mean that 2019 will be no less problematic for website owners. With this in mind, many SEO professionals were expecting updates as soon as 2019 arrived, and within a few days, it looks like Google has indeed launched another update to begin the year. Here are some thoughts on this new update and how it will affect your SEO.

Tracking the update

There are many ways that the SEO community track these updates but one strong resource is the SEM Rush software. On the SEMRush Sensor, the SERP volatility monitor has been on high demand, which means that an impactful Google algorithm update is in the process of being implemented. Although the previous week was normal, a few days after the new year these impactful changes became obvious.

Update Impact

While SERP volatility is currently high on most search tools, looking at the type of websites that have been affected most is worth noting, as Google tends to impact certain websites with regards to their performance and content quality.

For this latest update, websites that have seen the most upheaval are those related to the car franchise industry, food and drink, and pet and animal websites, and even some law and governmental websites.

This update is similar to the Google Medic update, in which websites related to e-commerce and health had their rankings affected. This means that the algorithm update is a way for Google to signal that website masters must continue optimising their content for better search rankings and user experience.

How to recover

The goal of this new algorithm update is to ensure that websites within the target business sector deliver quality content. Content marketing therefore remains crucial for any SEO strategy. It is key to bringing in traffic, while also benefiting the user with useful information and a better user experience.

If your website utilises content either within or that supports it that is not informative, unique and on theme or that is duplicated then this must be improved in order for your results to recover and grow.

Updating older content is effective, as this can recapture lost traffic to become a source of content that users continually return to. Content is a precious element for any website and making sure that you bring out highly informative, factual, and useful content, will ensure that you receive traffic on a constant basis.

Key Takeaway

Google’s latest algorithm update proves that their consistent push towards optimising content remains paramount and in fact is being targeted to many different business genres. With so many misleading and unreliable sources that can negatively affect online search, this approach ensures that only the best type of content should be available to your users.

This update is only the first for 2019, and if the past few years are any indication, we will be seeing many more updates as the year goes on.

If you have questions and inquiries about the Google Algorithm update or SEO in general, then please get in touch at any time.

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