Can Software beat humans with SEO?

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There has been so many alterations to SEO over the last year. Google now look for many human styled ‘quality traits’ to update their algorithm. This therefore poses the question, can SEO be implemented by software any longer?

In the past there have been many quick hacks used to increase search performance, dynamically produced content and outsourced link farming no longer return sustainable SEO performance. Gone are the days of low-quality writing to spin content and produce new fresh articles as an effective content strategy.

We all understand how important fresh and on theme content is to any search campaign and so simply re-purposing information will not work. Therefore, web owners must understand that in order to maximise search as a route to market then their SEO campaign must be delivered in a manual and authoritative way. So, the question is posed, can this be implemented by cheap software or must it now mean a dedicated manual service is used?

In order to understand how Google has changed the rules then web masters must be one step ahead and this is not easy when you consider the shear number of updates created by the leading search engines. The key element will always be to remain trustworthy and this means that a dedicated search optimisation program must be implemented if search visibility is to be gained.

In 2018 Google turned up the dial to 11 on analysing the quality of web pages. It is no longer appropriate to simply make small internal changes to deliver success. Only updating your page title would have delivered an element of success in years gone by but those days are now gone!

Google is looking harder at the website itself and the contributors of its content to ascertain if they are credible. Of course, the traditional methods of making a website friendly are still important but the user experience is now a major factor and so items like mobile rendering and page delivery speed are important.

One thing to always remember is that Google is now looking for websites to deliver a quality experience to their clientele. Therefore, alterations made should keep this in mind. If your website and its off-page resources are delivering information that your clients want to see in an authoritative way, then you are definitely in the right ball park.

We must therefore never think that the quick fix software process is a cheap way to gain this search visibility we all crave! Any website will simply not rank if a defined strategy has not been put in place. Our thoughts are that this can therefore only be delivered by human intervention rather than software-initiated services.

Although machine learning has without doubt informed search engine guidelines, humans are still considered the best judge of high quality, well for now… There is still much work to be delivered to allow machines to catch up with human judgement.

Google has made it hard to rank well with mediocre content or lack of expertise and therefore, ranking into 2019 will without doubt require more time and effort than ever before. By keeping an eye on your online presence across the board then anything that brings down your trustworthiness or credibility must be controlled. Again, do not think this is going to happen overnight or that a simple software package will manage this.

2019 is going to be the year of dedicated delivery and time and effort to deliver the visibility we all crave. If you are dedicated and focussed on your online visibility then you may well gain the online advantage as many company owners will think they know it all and will either do nothing or do the bare minimum and as we know, this will not work!

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