How to develop irresistible copy that will attract conversions?

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There are many ways to attract people to websites. Google is one, but there is no guarantee any will become customers. To convert your visitors, understand their aspirations.

Write for people you know

To write effective copy, you have to know how your reader feels. Despite the mask of rationality, we are emotional beings. Aspirations direct our attention and emotions compel our decisions. To sell shoes, for example, describing them is never enough – you should write about the customers who own them.

Persuasive content begins by establishing rapport, and rapport builds trust. You can’t even give things away until you have sold yourself. Use social media to talk to prospective customers, but make sure your enthusiasts represent the wider market.


Don’t let Google completely hijack your customer-facing content: “Hotpoint DE345 Oven with smart timer” works for Google, but “Never burn your dinner again” has a stronger hook for human beings. Somewhere in your titles, first paragraphs and meta description you need a unique spin that differentiates you enough to win the click.

Waving the carrot

“Why buy an electric car?” is more enticing than “Buy an electric car”. The question makes people want the answer (even if they didn’t want the car).

You can take this much further. For example, presenting your article like a quiz encourages people to stay with it for the results. There are many variations of this tactic: all of them appeal to our curiosity and desire to participate. Inviting comments after an article is another hook that retains the reader’s commitment.

Words of power

How many times have we heard a product is “revolutionary”, “new improved” or “completely free”. Today those clichés invite scepticism and mistrust. Make sure your truths stand out. Key truths should be aphoristic – terse, pithy and highlighted. Use them as titles or bullet points, or make them stand out in short simple paragraphs.


Specifications and statistics work like aphorisms – summing up valuable information in a short space. Metrics have gravitas, but a lot of freely available statistics are baloney and the public is catching on. If you can’t verify a fact, never quote it. Remember that it is value that persuades.


Save jargon for your CV, not web content. You need to be knowledgeable, but never try to give the impression you are smarter than your audience. Using long words doesn’t make you look smart.

Calls to action

The first paragraph must persuade the visitor to read more, the last must persuade them to want more. That “more” could be making a purchase, bookmarking you, using your product search tool or leaving feedback.

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