Google Updates Through September

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We often hear people that work within the search world talk of the many updates incorporated into search algorithms every month, that ultimately have the potential to affect a website’s search position.

These updates do not always deliver a negative result – the idea is for search companies to be constantly improving what they look for in order to deliver a positive return to their visitors. It is important that we, as website owners, understand these updates and consistently manage our websites to adhere to as many of these updates as possible.

If your website has been managed with search compliancy at the front of your mind, then you are far more likely to see a positive return. One thing that is interesting however, is the sheer number of these highlights that are implemented throughout one month.

With this in mind, I wanted to highlight the updates that were recorded last month and the general area they were trying to manage. By understanding what to look for in each update when an update is delivered, we can continually enhance the way that our websites are delivering their information thus ensuring we are all as search compliant as possible.

The following points detail the reported Google Algorithm updates for September 2019;

  • 4th September– There have been quality inspired updates delivered. Some websites have seen a small increase and this could be related to the link update detailed from the week before.
  • 5th September – It is possible that the leased sub domain update went live on this day. Sites that leased subdomains from authoritative sites, such as coupon subdomains, may have noticed significant traffic drops because of this update.
  • 9th and 13thSeptember – This was a minor core update, to do with Google’s assessment of trust. There is a strong possibility that both updates have a link component included.
  • 17th September – There appears to have been a quality tweak to the Google Algorithm as it seems as though some sites are seeing recovery after being negatively affected by the 3rd June core update. There could therefore be a link component to this update.
  • 24th – 30th September – Google announced that a core update commenced roll out on this date. Danny Sullivan advised people to read Googles blog post containing information on EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness). It was thought that Google relaxed their interpretation of which type of content contradicts scientific consensus and this therefore positively affected some content items.

This list shows the sheer number of updates delivered each and every month and, more importantly, it highlights the importance of constantly updating your web portfolio to answer to what Google is looking for.

We all understand that methodical and constant updates will deliver the potential for an increased search performance, and this calls attention to the fact that it’s no good expecting our website to deliver these positions without a dedicated campaign being implemented.

This becomes even more important when you consider the vast number of visitors that search delivers to a website. A recent report shows that well over 50% of your web traffic will be delivered by search engines and that fact alone makes this information all the more important to you as owners of a website.

One final point, the GoogleBot that spiders the web for information and then returns this to Google is being re-named to Dynamic User Agent!!

If you would like to analyse how your website has answered these updates, then simply get in touch with us and we will provide a full site analysis as quickly as possible.


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