There’s Been a Core Algorithm Update!

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Its been discussed for a few weeks now that Google were in the process of updating their core search algorithm. Well, Danny Sullivan of Google has finally confirmed that Google is updating its algorithm and that this update has been going on since March 12th, he has referred to it as another broad core update.

Brett Tabke of PubCon received notification from Google that a big update was imminent. It was decided beforehand to call this update Florida 2.

Google themselves have said that this is an important update and, in their words, ‘it’s big!’.
So, the question therefore remains, how big is this Google update and will it affect you?

Brett has said that based on what he has been told, this update is important. The information that was supplied is that this update is one of the biggest updates in years.

In the past, when a big Google update has happened, it usually means that things have been changed that seriously alters how web sites are ranked. A broad core update generally means that Google is not targeting any particular niche in fact Google is not targeting anything in particular at all.

Some within the SEO industry say that Google targets specific industries with these updates however, Google’s John Mueller has consistently denied that broad core updates target specific niches.

Broad core updates do not target particular websites, niches, or individual qualities and therefore Google says, there is nothing to fix. The best approach is to focus on your website’s relevance and related factors.

So, how do you respond to a broad core update as a website owner? After analysing many of these updates then search experts say that a common issue is how Google interprets a search query. This will obviously affect how your page is ranked. Of course, there are still many other factors that will affect how your web page is ranked, links, code and content to name but a very few.

A broad core update is basically improvements to Google’s overall algorithm for the purpose of better understanding search queries and webpages. These improvements help Google to more accurately match search queries to webpages and therefore to improve user satisfaction.

An important area to understand is what Danny Sullivan offered as guidance from March 12, 2018’s broad core update. That guidance was a statement made in a tweet and said ‘there is nothing to fix’. This is what the tweet said:

“There’s no ‘fix’ for pages that may be affected other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

In my opinion, what this may mean is that this core update may be about the relevance of your content and/or links towards search queries. It’s therefore a change on Google’s side.

This obviously makes it challenging to identify why a page no longer ranks for a particular term. But from our analyses of sites then the clues are there. Your website must be strategically targeted along with your link building and content delivery efforts. Its simply not strong enough to just target your business niche, you must be strategic in delivering this information.

If you would like to understand if this update has indeed affected your website then please do get in touch with Pure Digital at any time and I am sure we can help your thoughts towards yet another alteration with the goal posts!

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