SEO – Stop Believing Those Myths

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SEO should always deliver your ‘bread and butter’ visibility for any online marketing strategy. This can then be supported by other forms such as paid and social advertising to name but a very few. The beauty of SEO is that you are able to manage it yourself however, the technical nature of many areas means you should choose an agency to implement this for you. That said, this does not need to break the bank but don’t always think that cheapest is best. Even £50 a month is expensive if they are not doing anything…

SEO is really the marketing strategy for all organisations no matter if they are big or small. The problem with something as versatile as SEO is that there are many myths surrounding it that may well put you off. We have therefore highlighted some of these common SEO myths that in 2019 should not be believed.

More Pages Means a Better Rank
It is a common SEO misconception that the more pages you have the better you will rank. Whilst increasing your websites pages is helpful to increase market reach, there is no point in having multiple pages that don’t provide quality or have any relevance to your content. They key is to create quality pages that are targeted to your overall website theme. Googles algorithm recognises value to the reader and therefore quality will be rewarded.

If Your Small Then Don’t Bother
SEO is not just a marketing tool for big organisations, it is a strategy that can be deployed by all organisations no matter of their organisational size. As a matter of fact, if you are a small company that doesn’t have a large marketing budget, the only real strategy that you should be considering is SEO. It can be completed cheaply and can increase your business in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Keyword Search Promoters
As you will no doubt have already found, there are far too many unscrupulous agencies and freelancers that want nothing more than to take your money. They may well do this by offering you placement at number one through utilising key word search. Don’t fall foul of these types of promises as this will only cost you money. Search engine algorithms change so frequently that freelancers cannot guarantee that you will get ranked number one through keyword optimisation alone. It can only be delivered as part of a methodical campaign that is effectively targeted.

Social Media Helps with SEO
Many website owners believe that social media and SEO go hand in hand. This simply isn’t the case; you can’t optimise your social feed for SEO as social media pages often aren’t shown in search results. Although these are two very separate opportunities, they should work alongside each other complementing the drive for visibility.

You Only Need To Do SEO Once
This statement simply could not be further from the truth. You can’t complete one marketing campaign and expect it to deliver for ever! Search engines and their algorithms are constantly evolving, and therefore your search campaign should continuously be managed and manipulated to deliver ongoing success. You must be proactive in ensuring that your SEO is up to date and constantly delivering quality and on theme content.

SEO Is Dead and Not Worth Your Time
This myth is simply delivered by those that do not understand it at all! Do not forget, as long as there are search engines then there will be SEO.

Where Does This Leave Us?
Don’t fall foul to hear say and therefore base your company’s visibility on myths.  No matter how hard the industry tries to cut these out, they do still remain. SEO is a vital tool that helps organisations, no matter of their size, gain competitive advantage.

Of course, there are unscrupulous organisations out there who are looking to capitalise on this market by delivering promises they simply can’t keep. This is where the majority of these myths originate, from organisations that have utilised one of these unscrupulous companies and received nothing for their hard-earned investment.

The plan of action should always be to utilise a company that delivers targeted and on theme information and where that is delivered via a campaign manager that you believe in!

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