Content – is it still as important?

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I think it’s been well documented how important content delivery is for any brand’s online visibility. How incredible then, that only some 6% of marketers claim to implement content correctly!

This amazing fact stands alongside another amazing stat, some 60% reckon that 2017 will see them massively increase their campaigns, however 92% of these do not know how they should implement this.

These stats are just a few to come out of Zazzle Media’s ‘State of Content Marketing Survey’. A 2017 survey of senior UK marketers carried out to try and understand this much-misunderstood topic.

There are many topics looked at, so I thought it would be useful to highlight a few issues and answer these directly. With this in mind, please see below important factors that will deliver excellent content and the required quality.

  1. How do I produce engaging content consistently?

What an important question and an issue that must be overcome, to truly deliver a content strategy that both your expected visitors and of course Google truly wish to see.

OK, let’s not forget that content must be delivered on a unique basis, be on theme and have quality in its matter. The marketing speak for this is to consistently produce content that engages, resonates and adds value to your audience’s lives. If you fall in any of these important areas, then your content will not be considered good enough to either drive your expected visitors or to increase search relevancy.

So, before I can really consider consistently delivering content I must first come up with a plan as to what that content will target, why do I need an item of content and what area of my portfolio am I attempting to push. This in turn will enable me to understand the number of pieces required and titles of those individual items. At least this will plan effectively the content required.

  1. Who sees my content?

Next, we need to understand where these items are to be delivered. It’s all well and good writing items but without really knowing what platforms you are writing for, you will struggle to deliver the correct message.

Of course, your own blog is a good start, as is your social platforms and don’t forget Google+ here! How about industry specialists and their associated blogs etc.? They will always be crying out for content and therefore this can be an excellent target for your content.

However, it is consistent delivery that really makes the difference here. One or two items every now and then will not deliver the reach and relevancy that you want, so you must consider a weekly roll out of content; but when you’re so busy running your business do you truly have the time to deliver consistently unique content and then deliver this across the plethora of sites that will distribute it well?

  1. Does all my content need to be deep and long?

The easy answer here is no! Of course, mixing your content up by delivering some larger well thought out pieces alongside snippets of clear calls to action – this all mixed in with regular articles, will change things up from platform to platform and importantly, will deliver information your expected audience will want to see!

By delivering this style of regular content then this will lend itself well to your online strategy, and this is the ultimate goal – exposure. By running these regularly, you create both variety and the critical stickiness required to keep the audience coming back, win win!

By creating a blog of variety and value, but on theme, and combining this with a strong content plan that includes your social portfolio, will suck in new visitors and enable you to build a hefty retained audience that then improves your sites metrics such as returning visits, engagement, and ultimately sales.

  1. Can an agency deliver this cost effectively?

This is a really important question because, for the vast majority of us, we are too busy running about our business to have to worry about delivering this content! So, who writes it? It has to be delivered in order to drive the visibility and audience that we want.

Don’t forget, we actually want this website we have implemented to become a sales person and to truly deliver leads, whatever format those leads look like for us! By increasing your online visibility, we can then increase the amount of traffic that will ultimately see it and will end up upon it. Then we can mess about with this traffic and deliver the leads we desperately want – that’s another issue all together!

However, if we do not have the time then why not utilise an agency? Any search agency that does not include content as part of their service is not delivering an effective search campaign.

The final point here is one of cost. Of course, any agency will charge for the proverbial ‘bums on seats’ and therefore you will have to pay for people to deliver this content for you. However, this does not need to break the bank in any way.

Remember, consistently delivering on theme and unique content – that’s what you’re looking for. This can be delivered cost effectively as part of an ongoing search service – just ask, you will be surprised at the answers!

There are many more areas to consider, with regard to content delivery, but the main area is consistency and the unique nature. If you deliver this then things will be all positive going forward.

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